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baltic audio Future Bass Power Pack

Future Bass Power Pack

$23.00 USD$18.00 USD
Description The 'Future Bass Power Pack' from Baltic Audio includes three high-quality Future Bass releases from Baltic Audio. Get the drum, percussion and synth sounds from 'Ultimate Drums Vol 1:...
baltic audio - Deep House Power Pack

Deep House Power Pack

$25.00 USD$20.00 USD
Description 'Deep House Power Pack' includes four high-quality Deep House and Tropical House releases from baltic audio. It contains three guitar kits incl. 124 guitarloops (all key-labeled), MIDIs & stems from 'Essential Chart Guitars Vol 1', 64...
baltic audio - Festival Ammo Bundle (Vols 1-3)

Festival Ammo Bundle (Vols 1-3)

$27.00 USD$23.00 USD
Description 'Festival Ammo Bundle (Vols 1-3)' from Baltic Audio combines the first three volumes of these banging EDM and Progressive House Construction Kit products, including tonnes of up-to-date samples, MIDI...
baltic audio - Slap House Vocal Kits

Slap House Vocal Kits

$25.00 USD$23.00 USD
3 Construction Kits incl. Vocals, Samples, MIDI, Serum- & Spire Presets for SLAP HOUSE & EDM. Description 'Slap House Vocal Kits' from baltic audio brings you three powerful vocal kits for Slap...
baltic audio - Sylenth1 Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)

Sylenth1 Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)

$28.00 USD$25.00 USD
256 Sylenth1 Presets and 219 MIDI Files for SLAP HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TROPICAL HOUSE, FUTURE BASS, EDM. Description 'Sylenth1 Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)' by baltic audio combines four packs of this...
baltic audio - Billboard Pop Busters Bundle (Vols 1-3)

Billboard Pop Busters Bundle (Vols 1-3)

$29.00 USD$25.00 USD
Description 'Billboard Pop Busters Bundle (Vols 1-3)' from baltic audio combines the first three packs of this bestselling series of amazing Billboard Pop Construction Kits produced, mixed and mastered with...
baltic audio - Slap House Power Pack 2

Slap House Power Pack 2

$29.00 USD$27.00 USD
64 Serum & 64 Sylenth1 Presets, 5 Construction Kits, Loops, Drums, Vocals & MIDIs for SLAP HOUSE and EDM. Description 'Slap House Power Pack 2' includes four high-quality Slap House releases from...
baltic audio - Serum Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)

Serum Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)

$30.00 USD$28.00 USD
256 Serum Presets and 195 MIDI Files for FUTURE RAVE, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, FUTURE HOUSE, BASS HOUSE & EDM. Description 'Serum Essentials Bundle (Vols 5-8)' by baltic audio combines four packs of...
baltic audio - EDM Mega Preset Bundle

EDM Mega Preset Bundle

$67.00 USD$45.00 USD
192 Serum Presets, 192 Spire Presets, 184 Sylenth1 Presets, 386 MIDI Files for EDM, FUTURE RAVE, FUTURE HOUSE. Description 'EDM Mega Preset Bundle' from baltic audio includes selected soundbanks for Serum, Sylenth1...