How to make MEDUZA Synth in Serum

How to make a MEDUZA Synth in Serum?

Here is our step by step instruction:


  • Use the default waveform for OSC A
  • Activate OSC B and select the bipole_harmonic waveform
  • Put both OSC one octave lower and add 6 voices
  • Slightly decrease the level of OSC A


  • Decrease the sustain of ENV 1 to about -5.0dB and extend the release to about 3.00s
  • Activate the filter for OSC A & B and reduce the cutoff to 110Hz
  • Connect ENV 1 with the cutoff filter (drag)
  • Halve the cutoff range


  • Add a compressor, activate multi band mode and increase the gain to 12dB
  • Add an EQ, set the low EQ type to LPF and decrease the Q a bit
  • Set the high EQ type to peak, set the free to about 1800Hz, keep Q at 50% and reduce the gain to -8dB
  • Add chorus behind that, set mix level to 100%, depth to 17ms and feed to 20%


  • Go to ENV 2 and set the sustain to 20%, extend the decay to 2.80s
  • Reduce the chorus LPF to 330Hz, connect it to ENV 2 and shrink the range to 30


  • Add a delay at the end of your effect chain, select ping-pong mode and set left to 1/8 and right to 1/4
  • Set the feedback to 60% and mix level to 40%
  • Add a reverb to the end and increase the mix level a bit


  • Add a brightwhite NOISE and activate the NOISE in the filter section
  • Reduce the NOISE level and connect it with ENV 2
  • Halve the range of the NOISE level