About Us


We want to help artists find the right sounds and samples, melodies and ideas for their songs that keep up with current trends. To do this, we want to share as much knowledge and years of experience as possible, and provide creativity and tools.


After the foundation in 2014 by three experienced and well-known German musicians who know the music market very well, and the exit of two in 2018, we now work with numerous musicians around the world to provide you with regular updates.


Each of our products should offer the greatest possible flexibility for the musician. So we don't just sell a collection of loops, but try to break down fixed structures with oneshots, MIDI files and synth presets to give every artist the necessary individuality.


We don't want to overload you with masses of products but offer quality. It is important to us to be as transparent as possible and to give you the best possible insight into the product before you buy it. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Henrik Münchow

Founder & CEO
Producer of Tale & Dutch, Rick Ellback, RIQQ, Age-M, Commercial Club Crew and more