baltic audio - How to make a Brass hit for your EDM drop in Serum?

How to make a Brass Hit for your EDM Drop in Serum?

Here is our step by step instruction:


  • Decrease the sustain of ENV 1 to about -5.0dB and extend the release to about 3.00s
  • Select mirror for the warp mode and set the OSC A level to zero.
  • Activate OSC B, select the Dist Bass Dropper waveform and set detune to zero.
  • Select FM (FROM A) for warp mode and set it to 50%.


  • Activate NOISE, select ARP pink, Set pitch to 80% and level to zero.
  • Set ENV 1 to the following settings: attack 50ms, decay 380ms, sustain zero, release 400ms.
  • Pull up the decay curve a bit.
  • Connect ENV 1 with NOISE level and set the range to 80%.
  • Connect Env 1 with OSC A warp.


  • Activate filter for OSC A & B.
  • Connect ENV 1 with cutoff and set range to one direction (Shift+Alt+Click on range knob).
  • Reduce resonance to zero.
  • Set drive to 50%.


  • Go to FX tab, add hyper / dimension and set hyper mix to 35%.
  • Add distortion and select dist mode diode 2.
  • Put drive to zero, connect it with ENV 1 and halve the range.
  • Activate filter and put it behind distortion in your FX chain.
  • Select filter mode Scream Lp


  • Set FX filter cutoff to about 5700Hz, set drive to 40% and scream to 60%.
  • Put chorus to the end of the FX chain and do the same with EQ FX.
  • Set low EQ type to Peak and make the following settings: freq(L): 800hz, Q(L) 46%, gain (L) 7.6 DB, gain (H) 6DB.


  • Activate reverb and select plate mode.
  • Reduce the size a bit and put predelay to zero.
  • Set width to 100% and mix to about 50%.